Monday, February 10, 2014



So much I see

in the world around me

There's the good, the bad

the happy and sad

Cruelty, pain and travesty

Anger, injustice, hypocrisy

But I choose to truly see and place my energy 

On Him and the love of my friends and family

And on joy and peace and loyalty

So many in this world are gentle and humble and kind

The thoughtful and caring are not hard to find

There's the vibrancy of youth and the wisdom of old

Always a hug to be given and a hand to hold

Death precedes a new baby’s cry

The circle of life - as vast as the sky

And there’s song and music and books to take pleasure

Culture, art and dance for good measure

There’s the splendor of nature and all He has made

Majestic trees which provide much needed shade

The song of a bird as it glides through the air

The feel of a breeze as it rustles your hair

Fields of green  and skies of blue

Flowers abounding in colors of all hue

Waves of the ocean and a tide coming through

The sun, the rain, and a rainbow too

Mountains and snow and sand between your feet

And the joy of foods that we’re blessed to eat

The list goes on of all that is GREAT

To focus on these will ensure your fate

In Life, it's who you are and what you choose to truly see

Where in lies the key to enjoying this rich life He created for you and for me

L. Goyen