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Monday, May 19, 2014


She moves along steady and fast and at the same time slow
So much to experience, to learn and to know

A teacher in the school of hard knocks through my youth,
Back when I was immature, screwing up and being uncouth.

But while I was busy sowing my wild oats,
I was also taking meaningful notes

He molds me like an artist with clay
through the experiences He brings forth everyday.

As I grow older, He helps me to evolve,
Into someone with wisdom, peace and resolve.

He is patient as I fall and keep getting back up.
He’s always waiting there patiently to fill up my cup.

I still have my cracks and I have to confess,
That I will always be a work in progress.

But now I want to pay forward the gifts and insights
that I've soaked up from Him and Her through all my days and nights.

Because in everything, we know there is a season.
And it's time to share my light for a purpose and reason.

So when the time draws near for me to be at rest and free.
I’ll take comfort in knowing,
 I honored God and the precious Life that he gave me.

L. Goyen

Friday, May 9, 2014

My thoughts for the day...

This photo encapsulates the joy and fulfillment I have felt and continue to experience since I've started stepping into those things that have always been within me (the ones that I used to let my head talk my heart out of).  Things like writing and speaking - sharing myself more with others and being open to all of the possibilities that life has to offer.

My heart has also been heavy lately...I can't believe it's been six months now since my brother Brett died and I miss him so much. My uncle Don just passed this past week from cancer and today we attended his funeral.  
Sunrise, Sunset...
Yet I know in my heart that both of them are really good now.

Being 47 is an interesting dichotomy. Things seem more heavy now as my youth gradually becomes less and less.  But at the same time, life has truly started coming together in a wonderful way.  A veil has been lifted - one that was threaded with fear, anxiety and self-induced limitations of many a kind. Now its all in technicolor. 

In this half of my life, the possibilities are as vast as the ocean and as many as the grains of sand on any beach.  So, while I walk in life each day knowing that heartache and loss surround and are a possibility.   I also know that things have truly never been better.  

Not because we're suddenly rich (which we're not) or that all of our problems of have dissipated.  No, life is more meaningful and fulfilling because I've learned through the years to truly enjoy and be grateful for all that I have.  And I've learned to savor each moment for what it is...A BLESSING. 

Life is also richer because I've come to realize that the only thing that has ever held me back was me and I decided to stop doing that.

Here's to embracing Life and all that it is;
the good, the bad, the happy and sad.