Monday, July 28, 2014

Ever changing....

Life is fluid, a winding stream through landscapes never ending.
The heart grasps at memories past, holding them still to keep them near.
But TIME is moving and ever changing.
The bittersweet sting of nostalgia brings tears for wanting what has gone.
Yet these indelible impressions linger always.
In the midst of a beautiful life happening here and now,
There is joy in the present and for the future yet to come.
Still a faint and dull ache runs deep within the current.  
And the soul grieves little by little,
sentimental for moments transpired
and for precious eras forever lost in time.
L. Goyen

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


       I miss you Brother.

B eautiful Brother of mine.

R adiant in Heaven with God.

E ternally at peace.

T  ears because I miss you.

T hankful for the Gift of you in my life always.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Switch Things Up.

I noticed that me and the boys were bickering too much of late-so this morning we decided to switch things up and do something a little different.  Sometimes you have to change your routine in order to ease out of a rut. Change is good for the soul..that's why vacations are so wonderful right?

I gently rustled everyone out of bed..."Let's take LuLu (our lab mix) out to the dog park right up the street and throw the frisbee around".  After we navigated through the grogginess, Doug drove us first to the Starbucks drive-thru for some Latte's (some things are fine to stay the same ;) )and hot chocolate for G.  BTW, I would soon discover that ice coffee and heat don't mix  

"The sign says Dog Park Closed".  Doug noticed out loud as we approached the turn in.  "Okay...let's just get out and walk the trails for a bit then". I responded.  We all spilled out of our slightly bruised up Equinox (thanks to that church parking lot oopsie (my bad) two weeks prior). 

We had some quality family bonding time in spite of the heat and I was enjoying the change of scenery; the wildflowers, bridges, creeks, wild bushes and trees.  Afterwards, we decided to check out a Memorial I've passed many times off of Custer Road which is literally down the street from our house.  The grounds of the Memorial are beautifully landscaped with a dedicated rose garden in the center of the lawn and Crape Myrtles surrounding.  Reading the plaque honoring those in Collin County who had fallen and sacrificed their lives in World War I, World War II and The Vietnam War, I glanced up at our flag waving in the warm breeze and appreciated the moment of reflection.  The Memorial is also beautifully designed with sculptures depicting  war scenes in bronze.

I was struck by how close all of this is to our home and how a slight detour from our usual morning was becoming blessing in more ways than one.  We were enjoying our time together and thinking of things beyond our little world.  We were out for only about an hour but the change was what we all needed. When we got home, Garrett  said, "That was fun.  Thank you".  It's the little things isn't it?

If your soul is complacent, turn left instead of right on the way home.  Order Pistachio instead of Vanilla ice cream.  Volunteer and help your fellow man. Call an old friend or have lunch with a friend you haven't caught up with in a while.  Read a book, take a walk.  Do something different..Switch Things Up -it's good for the soul.

Here are some pics from this morning. Thought I would share. :)

Life is good!