Monday, October 19, 2015

Sunday evening thoughts...

It's been one of those beautiful weather days where you think to yourself, "It's so good to be alive.".

Started off with Church and then lunch with my "churchies". Next, my son Garrett's Soccer game - which tied 0-0. Then took Blake for a haircut and finally... a much appreciated late afternoon cat nap.

This gorgeous Fall Sunday inspired my latest...I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Love, Hope, Peace and Joy



I wrote this one about how people tend to put up walls with other people..I know I've been guilty of this many times in my life.  Not so much anymore though.  I believe when you are freed up of fear, insecurities, and feelings of low self worth, the walls come down and your heart is more open to everyone and everything which makes life much richer, fulfilling and blessed.  The key to this is a strong FAITH in God, therefore, faith in yourself.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Purpose and Inspiration

A few years ago after going through a very difficult time in my life, I finally stepped into what I believe is one of my purposes here...writing and sharing my story with others.  I have never felt more passionate and alive than when I'm doing this.

 As a matter of fact, working on and publishing my book is the closest thing to magic that I've experienced up to this point (a different kind of magic than having children).  

What I felt was divine inspiration or divinespiration if you will.  God was fueling my enthusiasm and I was leaning into what I knew He wanted me to do.  There was a purpose to it, to help others by sharing what I've learned through my Faith. 

This was HUGE for me because for most of my life, I have struggled with anxieties and feelings of low self worth which kept me paralyzed in many ways.  Over time though, I came to know through my faith that we are all worthy because He created us, because we are here.  It's as simple as that (more on this to come later).

For a while now, I've been gathering inspiration for my next project. In the meantime I'm enjoying writing poetry as a creative outlet that hopefully others will enjoy.  Poetry is also a form of therapy for me. It's how I work things out.   

I don't sing, I'm not an artist, musician, dancer or any of those things.  But I can write.  We all have something that we truly enjoy doing, something that we're naturally good at...a God given gift. Wouldn't it make sense that we should be doing exactly that.  

This, instead of  our on-going and futile attempts to be this or that and to constantly compare ourselves with others.  If we're each created unique, what's the point in comparing?

What would happen if we were to just be who we were uniquely created to be and lean into what we were specifically designed to do?  

From experience, I can attest that the result would most definitely be a WIN, WIN, WIN.  God is pleased, you're are fulfilled and others are inspired and/or blessed.  It's a trifecta of goodness.

A few days ago, someone whom I've never met, inspired me through her writing on social media and apparently hundreds of thousand other peole were moved as well.  Her name is Geneveive G. Georget.

She simply posted some of her deepest, most vulnerable thoughts on her personal FB wall and when she did something amazing happened.  The raw honesty of her writing resonated and touched hundreds of thousands .  She went viral and now has a blog with a big audience.  She's following her dream to be a writer and stepping to her higher purpose here.  

Watching this happen for her gives me goose bumps and re-energizes me to keep doing what I'm doing as well. It's actually why I'm writing this blog tonight.

By putting herself out there and sharing her life with others, she lit up so many people including me. Its like a domino effect.  Everyone benefits when we allow ourselves to shine. 

What is your higher purpose here and what light are you supposed to be sharing with the world?  

Just a little something (actually BIG something) to think about it.

Laurie Goyen - Author/Writer/Life Sharer
October 8, 2015.