Wednesday, January 13, 2016

THIS MAN......

The other day I was talking with my husband Doug about something pretty serious in our bathroom. I remember him sitting by the bath looking back at me as we talked and at once my heart was overcome with complete gratitude for my companion and partner in crime.
I snapped a picture of him in that instant with my phone which inspired the following:
wipes my tears.
is no pushover.
hugs me close when I need it.
tells me he’ll be home in 5 minutes when it will really be 20.
is my best friend.
makes me feel safe.
has been my husband for 25 years.
is self-sufficient.
wouldn’t leave my side overnight when both of our sons were born.
Is not good at lying.
Is quiet on planes.
told me my brother had died
asked me to dance as I was leaving Tijuana yacht club on June 18, 1989.
got my number that night.
started wearing his wedding ring before we even got married.
cried during “The Notebook”.
doesn’t like to talk during the boys’ soccer games.
Isn’t needy.
is my rock
is fiercley protective of his family.
gets sentimental about our boys growing up
is confident but not cocky.
always wants to be the driver.
loves his Mom.
isn’t a planner.
sometimes wears wrinkly jeans.
moved his office into our home so our baby wouldn’t have to go to daycare.
doesn’t criticize me.
is easy going.
loves his GPS.
is not a picky eater.
coached his boys soccer teams for 10 years.
practices law.
is extremely intelligent.
has strong character.
puts up with me when I’m impossible.
is not perfect, but he’s perfect for me.
accepts people for who they are.
can tell when my monthly time is near and lets me know which infuriates me.
encourages me.
doesn’t like to talk negative about others.
loves to travel.
tilts his head to the side when you’ve pushed him too far.
has a messy closet.
loves me unconditionally.
is suprisingly a lightweight.
thinks I’m funny.
lives for his boys.
listens to me whine when I need him to.
has seen me at my worst.
is not a clothes horse.
doesn’t apparently notice when I put on twenty pounds.
is naturally positive.
tells me I’m beautiful.
doesn’t like to shop.
loves the mountains.
has a strong faith.
sometimes wears white socks with khakis which I’ve told him he shouldn’t.
has nice green eyes.
makes my life easier.
lives for his boys.
calms my soul.
has eyelashes longer than mine which maddens me.
is not complicated.
leaves his clothes on the floor on his side of the bed.
has a strong mental fortitude.
is sensitive to me.
snores louder than he used to.
is a late night snacker.
stops chewing when I walk in the room when he’s late night snacking so he won’t get caught.
likes my freckles.
is my soul mate.
is obsessed with genealogy right now.
Is a good man.
means everything to me.
is God’s answer to my prayer.
is the love of my life.