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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Weekend Getaway

I wanted to share my latest with you. This past weekend we went on our yearly family weekend getaway with my Mom and Dad, my Brother and his family. It was nice to take a road trip to somewhere else, a change of scenery if you will. 

I have found that these little getaways are always good for the soul. It doesn't have to cost much and you don't need to go far. Changing up your atmosphere is all thats needed sometimes in order to renew your mind and spirit.

I mention Brett in this writing. Brett is my youngest Brother who passed on November, 2013. I miss him the most on these getaways. He always lit up on this trips. He loved being surrounded by family and being in a new setting was probably good for him in dealing with his depression. He would have loved this last trip on the water, fishing and chilling. I know he he was there in spirit, he's certainly always in our hearts.

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